Virgo A USB

Virgo A USB

New Technology.Virgo A fills a long-needed void: a desktop application...

New Technology. Virgo A fills a long-needed void: a desktop application that encrypts, stores and retrieves personal data, keeps it private, and performs automated tasks, all in one place.

Using Virgo A, you manage personal information with the power and efficiency that your word processor provides for textual data and your spreadsheet application provides for numeric data.

Additionally, this new technology does not force your data to be categorized or structured in any way. The growth of the Internet has caused an explosion in the quantity of small but vital bits of information that must be preserved.

Passwords, website addresses, user login names, and all the rest have become an essential part of daily life. Add to that the ordinary necessity of keeping up with bank account numbers, telephone numbers, social security numbers, birth dates, mailing addresses, contact names, PIN numbers, insurance information, medical information, telephone banking codes, safe combinations, etc.

, and the need for a new way to manage personal information becomes obvious. Virgo A provides the solution. It was developed because the old ways of managing personal information are no longer adequate.

Sensitive information should have strong protection against unwanted or accidental disclosure. The increasing quantity of data, the increasing variety of data types, and the serious consequence of losing control of data makes sticky notes, black books, scraps of paper, and all the rest, out of touch with the reality of identity theft.

Prying eyes are everywhere. Those methods have become old-fashioned, and are genuinely risky. A simple word - such as a carelessly misplaced password, now has the potential to cause personal or financial chaos.

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Virgo A USB


Virgo A USB

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